JMEC Refrigeration Dryer
Refrigeration Compressed Air Dryer - J2E-I Series




1. Control Panel :
– Logic controller, complete auto fuction and standard wiring.
– Complete automatic, no adjustment is required.

2. Pre-Cooler :
– Combined with air-to-refrigerant condenser by a heat insulation area. Compact of high technologies.
– Excellent inlet air distribution results in ghig performance and low pressure drop.

3. Pressure Control :
– Pre-set type pressure switch (HPS & LPS) in used for better stability and fewer
– Reset type high pressure switch (HPSM) is specially designed for models larger than J2E-75 to prevent compressor from overloading.

4. Refrigeration Compressor :
– Hermetic, High performance and efficiency.
– CE Certified.
– Class F, IP53.

5. Electronic :
– Timer control with manual drain test.
– Anti-blockage by a large ball valve.
– Driven by motor, no more coil burnt down concern.

6. Pressure Vessel :
– Stainless steel pressure vessel, antirust and life extend.
– Compact TWO-IN-ONE design : Air-to-air heat exchanger combine with evaporator.
– Leak test by high precision instrument, leakage free in guaranteed.
– CNS manufacturing standard ; CE, ASME, CSQL, standard upon request.

7. Evaporator :
– Wave type aluminum fins with diversion plate increases the contact surface of air and refrigerant. The lower by-pass and higer cooling efficiency is easy to achieve.

8. Heat Exchanger :
– Thread type bronze tubes with aluminum fins and diversion plate plus Reversed-Channel design makes better cooling efficiency, higher outlet air temperature and lower energy consumption.

9. Condenser :
– Large air intake area and Blow-Up design is greatly helpful for better heat rejection and good ventilation.

10. Fan Motor :
– Low noise, high speed, large flow and static pressure.
– CE Certified, IP54.

11&12. Extra Function :
– External attached washable air screen for easy maintenance and cleaning.
– No more heat-transfer problem. Several units can be installed side by side.