VAPS Pneumatic Auto Drain
Connect the condensate outlet to the inlet of the Autodrain located at the bottom through a Strainer as per diagram. Remember to install a return line to prevent Air Lock.



VPS Vacuum Purge Heatless Dryer
The VAPS VPS Vacuum Purge Heatless Pressure Swing Dryer for Compressed Air Dryer offers the lowest capital cost and lower long term operating costs compared to conventional heatless dryer and heat regenerative dryer. The VPS Vacuum Purge dryers offer the highest reliability solutions for low dew point compressed air.



SUTO-iTEC / CS-iTEC Measurement
• Thermal mass-flow meter
• Installation under pressure possible (ball valve required)
• Choice between two range models (standard and max. range)
• Available with or without integrated display on the meter
• Configuration as stationary or portable instrument by user possible
• Pipe Size : 1/2” to 12” or more upon request



Vaps Liquid Flow Meter
Vaps Offer our range of ALL-FLOW of liquid flow meters that can measure accurately for any type of liquid medium.  We offer both portable and fixed pipe isnatllation that can be fitted into any type of piping either by flange connection or threaded type.



Oil Water Separator
The SEPURA range of condensate cleaners employs a specially designed filter set to avoid using the troublesome weir, which is found in many traditional separators. Similarly, it has neither condensate settlement tank nor separate oil container.



Headline Filters
Headline filters has many years experience in High Purity Filtration and we can replace many major brands



WONCHANG Vacuum Pump
Wonchang’s Oil Sealed Rotart Vane Pump operates according to the rotary vane principal. The rotor is eccentrically positioned in the pump cylinder and has machined slots for sliding vanes. The centrifugal force of the rotation pushed vanes out these slots and towards the wall of the cylinder. The gas enters the vacuum pump inlet then passes through a built-in antisuck back valve that prevents the pump from rotating backwards and into the cylinder. The gas is compressed and pushed out through the exhaust opening located between the pump housing and exhaust box. The oil is feeding consistently to cylinder from oil sump for sealing and lubrication, and collects through oil exhaust filter in the bottom of the oil exhaust separator chamber and returns to the oil sump.



Energy Saving Oil Additive for Compressor
The Energex Oil Additive has a unique molecular compound that mixes well with any type of oil, from mineral to synthetic oil and will help to reduce the friction between metal surfaces. The compound creates a temporary coating film on the metal surface and thus reduces the fridction further. This coating also have self lubricating properties
V-Energex for Energy Savings For industrial application where energy cost is always on the rise, the Energex will help to reduce electricity cost by reducing electricity consumption. In test over for air compressors, we have effectively reduce the operating current from 5% to 10% thus reduces energy cost by the same amount. Energex also will work well with Air conditioning refrigerant compressors Example

● A 75kw air compressor to save a 10% electricity will effectively save about MYR25k per year

● A 200kw air compressor will save about MYR66.5k
Application For most effective results, we advise a 6% Energex to the total required oil volume of the air compressors. It is advisable to reduce some of the oil from the separator tank before adding Energex to the lubrication oil. The result from Energex will start to show after running back the air compressor for 15 to 30mins
Other Benefits

● Reduce operating temperature in air compressor will allow mineral oil to last longer

● Reduce friction will also allow bearings and moving parts to last longer



Vaps Filter – Air & Water
VAPS Filter Housing are designed to filter compressed air and gas under any environmental (indoor and outdoor) conditions. Our housing are designed and Manufactured to the highest quality to meet increasing demands for today’s sophisticated market. Every model of our housings are designed to remove solids, liquid, oil or odor. All our housing are designed to operate up to 16 barg pressures. Differential pressure gauge are supplied together with the filter housing to indicate the time to change the filter elements. For excellent corrosion protection, an electrostatic powder paint is applied to all our external housing surfaces. For internal surfaces protection. A special epoxy coating is applied which gives maximum corrosion control.



JMEC Refrigeration Dryer
– Logic controller, complete auto fuction and standard wiring.
– Complete automatic, no adjustment is required
– Combined with air-to-refrigerant condenser by a heat insulation area. Compact of high technologies.
– Excellent inlet air distribution results in ghig performance and low pressure drop.